Christmas 2021

Christmas Celebration Cakes

To help you celebrate this Christmas and make it special, without having to do all the work yourself, we are offering a short menu of options that have proved very popular over the years we have been trading.

Chocolate Yule Log £13.50

Or try a twist on the idea:

Chocolate / Orange Yule Log £14.50

Chocolate /Hazelnut Yule Log £14.50

Orange and Cranberry Drizzle Loaf £13.50

Shortbread Christmas Trees 1 dozen for £6.00

Christmas Themed Cupcakes £1.50 each, or 6 for £8.00


All our usual Cakes are still available during this time. If you have any special requests please do ask and I will try to accommodate your Christmas wish!

All cakes are available as gluten free. If you require a vegan option, please get in touch and we can discuss what options there are.

Contact me here, or on 07894 556361, or via my Facebook page

Merry Christmas 2021!

Karen@Cakes Simply

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