Christmas 2020

Christmas Celebration Cakes

To help you celebrate this Christmas and make it special, without having to do all the work yourself, we are offering a short menu of options that have proved very popular over the years we have been trading.

Chocolate Yule Log £13.00

Or try a twist on the idea:

Chocolate / Orange Yule Log £14.00

Chocolate /Hazelnut Yule Log £14.00

Orange and Cranberry Drizzle Loaf £13.00

Shortbread Christmas Trees 1 dozen for £5.00

Christmas Themed Cupcakes £1.50 each, or 1 dozen for £15,00

All our usual Cakes are still available during this time. If you have any special requests please do ask and I will try to accommodate your Christmas wish!

All cakes are available as gluten free. If you require a vegan option, please get in touch and we can discuss what options there are.

Contact me on 07894 556361, or via my Facebook page this website.

Merry Christmas 2020! My prayer is that we can all gather with our closest family and friends during this season, to help improve what has been a most strange and unusual year.

Karen@Cakes Simply

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