Vegan Chocolate Sponge ~ £12

vegan chocolate sponge

Since introducing my vegan chocolate sponge recipe I have found it to be a best seller. To make this deliciously chocolatey cake it uses an oil based recipe. The ingredients are all vegan approved and I have even discovered vegan chocolate buttons to help decorate this cake into the Cakes Simply style.

photo vegan cake

One I made recently was for a special birthday. It was finished off with a vegan spread butter icing and vegan white chocolate buttons. Then sprayed with vegan gold glitter to make it pop!

This cake in it’s classic form is topped and filled with a rich chocolate fudge icing, and is absolutely delicious for those of you who just love chocolate! I love that this can be shared with all my friends when they visit – vegetarians, vegans, meat-eaters, omnivores, – whatever classification you choose – except those who don’t like or eat chocolate, or are on a DIET! Friends on diets tend to avoid my house! When eating this cake you do not feel in the slightest bit cheated from having a treat! This cake can be enjoyed by all.

Note to self: I must try a few other recipes to be able to offer an extra vegan choice. There are many recipes available online for you to try out as budding home bakers -here are a few ideas I found from the Guardian. I hope to be introducing you to another vegan option soon…. Maybe the carrot, apple and orange cake featured in The Guardian article…..

There should be a CAKE option for everybody, no matter what they can or can’t, do or don’t, eat.

In the meantime, I leave you with this quote:

cake quote life is too short

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