ombre effect icing

When I started Cakes Simply, my ethos was to keep it simple! However, I find myself straying into unfamiliar territory with piping bags and nozzles, squirting butter icing into fancy swirls (and some not so fancy!) and only this week I sold my first cake with a covering of fondant icing. Now, that’s another experience altogether! One I assured myself not to get into! And to be honest I would think twice about it, but I would think!!

There have been many trials and errors as I go along, but the bottom line is to keep things interesting and fresh. It is good to challenge yourself and learn new skills along the way. This has been encouraged by the regular requests from customers for certain finishes that I initially think “there’s no way!” and then on reflection think “why not try it?!” So I would like to thank you all for helping the learning process along the way!

The images at the top are by no means perfect, but they are a good start. The customer was very happy with their daughter’s birthday cake. The price reflected the beginner who was standing behind the piping bag!!

I know this is a cake blog, but I would like to challenge all of you out there to step out of your comfort zone with what you enjoy and take it up a notch! Try the next level! Take the risk! If it goes wrong…..what will happen? Well, in my case I started over again! No-one got hurt in the process. My first rosettes piped onto my first cake took three attempts to get them almost right! Each time saw them get a bit better. There was still room for improvement. It’s fun to experiment within the field of something you enjoy. And the sense of personal satisfaction in achieving the desired effect for a customer is worth all the time spent trying!

What will you try that’s new?

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