Cupcakes ~ £1.50 each, or 6 for £8

cadburys cupcakeMore popular recently has been the request for cupcakes: a light, delicate sponge encased in a pretty paper case, topped with your favourite swirl of butter icing. And then the final touch of glamour on the top could be a shard of chocolate sprayed with edible gold, fresh strawberries dipped in chocolate, a rice paper disc with a themed picture printed on, or an elegant icing flower ( one day I will learn to make these myself!), or simply sprinkles…..the list is endless! The price starts from £1.50 each for muffin sized. Or 6 for £8

Who can resist a delectable cupcake?!

The challenge with being tasked to bake cupcakes is the need to make them all as identical as possible! The pressure is on!

cadburys cupcakes aerial view

-same quantity of mixture in each case

-same flourish of icing swirled on the top

-same presentation of that all important decoration to complete the perfect look.

Having completed the individual jewels crowning the cupcakes, you can stand back and admire the little unique qualities of each, where the icing isn’t quite swirled the same, the position of the chocolate shard isn’t quite central, and be proud they are home-made.

cadburys cupcakes close up 1To be identical would be mass produced: packed full of artificial  ingredients rather than natural ones; battery farmed eggs rather than free-range. To be homemade is to be confident of the ingredients used: full of wonderful flavour through the use of fresh lemon or orange zest, or melted chocolate, not chemical flavours from bottles; to be expectant of wonderful textures through the inclusion of chocolate chips, coconut or nuts……….And to get them as close to identical as possible :))

Must be time to switch on the oven and get baking again!

Leah Banner

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