Wedding Cakes

wedding cake photo3

I have to be honest and say that to make my first wedding cake was a huge undertaking! I had sleepless nights and sweaty palms for months leading up to the big day! – BUT….it was all worthwhile. I was lucky enough to be invited to the occasion and was very relieved, having constructed the 3-tier cake 5 hours before, to see it was still 3-tiers! I had visions of slippage, sliding and general collapse!

It has taken me some considerable time to decide that I would repeat the whole experience if asked to again…to be precise 6 months!!! It was worth every ounce of energy and self-raising flour to see the joy on the bride and groom’s face that day, and feel like I had helped their day to be a success.

So, you can see that my style is rustic and fairly ‘naked’ in appearance. Not everyone’s taste but this stays in keeping with my strapline: homemade cake kept simple and delicious! It really is all about the flavours for me and keeping it simple (and still I stressed!!;)))

Each tier can be a different flavour: in this case the bride’s favourite was the largest 12″ cake on the bottom up to the smallest 6″ chocolate sponge on the top. Any of the cakes I make will work as a tier, and if you have a favourite, which I haven’t made before, I will make sure I master the recipe and it’s part of your wedding cake.

The butter icing can provide as much or little coverage as you desire and each tier can be different if you want. The decoration can tie in with your wedding colours and themes, entirely at your own choice. We will work together, meeting up to make sure the end product is what you want. Prices will vary according to you requirements and will be discussed on an individual basis. We can start with a budget and work from there, or we can dream big and see where we end up!

Contact me on 07894 556361 or by messaging me if you would like to discuss your wedding cake with me.


choc/strawb bride and groom

I set myself the challenge of creating my own cake topper using strawberries and chocolate. The bride and groom loved this finishing touch.

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